How To Pick The Best VPN Service For Your Business

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are services that have increased in usage over the years. If anyone is looking to improve privacy, bypass censorship, stay anonymous or access certain geographically restricted services, a VPN is the tool for the job.

At least 26% of internet users used a VPN at least once. Moreover, businesses are starting to use VPNs for official work purposes to increase productivity, access geo-blocked services, and other functions. For instance, a business can use a VPN service to enhance data security by avoiding hackers and data theft.

There’s no question that operating a business VPN can bring various benefits, but the issue sometimes lies in choosing VPN providers. Here are some tips when picking the best VPN service for a business.

Decide based on function

There are various VPN tool functions, and getting the right one for the proper function is a vital step. Some business VPN solutions are Remote Access, which works best when businesses want to browse websites with privacy, access location-restricted content, and protect data from snoopers. There are also site-to-site VPNs that allow two remote co-workers to access each other’s intranet as if they were in the same location. Another function is multi-protocol and single-protocol VPNs, which differ in capacities and costs.

Getting a premium VPN service starts with knowing how a company might use a VPN service. Knowing what purpose your business VPN account will serve will determine how useful it will be for your organization. Get the right VPN for the correct function for your business, and you’ll be using the tool for a very long time.

Check for device compatibility and how many connections you need

Most people might ask the question, “how many connections do I need for my VPN?” The most common misconception is that we only really need one. In some cases, multiple connections might be warranted, especially if a VPN service will be used for teams.

When Using VPN to watch shows on Netflix or accessing air flight websites, one should be enough. But when two or more staff are accessing work-related services or browsing multiple websites at once, a service with numerous connections might become a requirement.

Hence, it’s a good idea to get a service that provides multiple connections at once. Most premium services might even give better per-user rates when getting multiple connection accounts.

Choosing the best VPN for teams doesn’t only depend on the number of connections you need. Device compatibility is also a factor to consider. In many cases, a company’s staff and employees might have different devices running on other operating systems. It’s common for employees to have a mix of Windows and Mac systems or even use different types of devices, so choose a service that runs intuitively on various systems and platforms. Site responsiveness will also be a factor when some staff might access VPN services on mobile phones or tablets.

Check the design and dashboard interface

Speaking of mobile responsiveness, another factor companies must consider when choosing a business VPN service is its design and dashboard interface. When judging a business VPN’s user experience, some factors to consider include ease of use, navigation, accessibility, supported languages, and so on.

User and dashboard interface is sometimes subjective based on the people who will use it. So it can aid the decision-making process to first have a select group in your company test a VPN before committing to any long-term subscriptions. Thankfully, some VPNs provide free trials or money-back guarantees. These features are a business’ best friend when choosing the service for its staff.

Consider customer service

With any service, it’s best to assume that not everything will go smoothly all the time. In the likelihood that service does go wrong, aftersales come into play. Given that all services need good customer service, the stakes attached to the quality of tech support when using VPN services are much higher, given that it has to do with data privacy.

Check out review websites to learn more about a business VPN service’s support and user satisfaction rating, like this comparison of VPN service software from FinancesOnline.

Gauge how a VPN affects system performance

Everyone wants a robust system that provides processing power and speed, but the tricky part of selecting services is also seeing how a VPN affects your device’s system performance. There are cases where a service might provide services flawlessly but will end up eating a big chunk of your system’s processing memory.

Pick up a service that doesn’t slow down your system performance with background performances. One good example is VuzeVPN, which promises optimal device performance even as a VPN service runs in the background.

The selection process is worth the trouble

Many factors come into play when selecting a VPN service for a business. Considering all these five suggested criteria will help a company or organization choose the VPN that will meet its needs best and provide all the features and support needed to increase privacy, productivity, and anonymity.