How to access blocked US news sites from Europe

Do you live outside the United States but want to enjoy content normally reserved for Americans? Are you currently in the United States and want to enjoy content offered in other countries (for example your national country’s television programs)? Or do you just want to improve your online security? No matter what case you are in, it will cause you to look for a USA VPN.

New data protection rules, since 2018: American sites made inaccessible from Europe

Several websites of American newspapers have become inaccessible from the European Union, due to the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which more strictly regulates the use of personal data in Europe.

What worries some companies is not so much the spirit of the text, which will undoubtedly lead to a better web, but the new weapons put in the hands of the states of the Union to sanction bad students. 4% of turnover could be considered a real fine, even for a web giant with a turnover of billions. Faced with this cleaver, the media, more economically fragile than the behemoths of the web, preferred to give up.

Why is it recommended to use a VPN in the United States? Advantages

We will explain the advantages of using such a solution and, as you will see, the benefits are numerous.

Access geo-restricted content (this also applies if you are looking for a VPN with servers in the US)

By using our VPN, you will have no trouble accessing geo-restricted or blocked content.

Stay safe on the Internet

Did you know that in the United States, it is perfectly legal for ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to record their customers’ browsing history in order to resell or exploit them? If this was something unknown to you, now you know.

Using a VPN in the US (but also in any other country) will give you a little more anonymity since your Internet traffic will be encrypted, your IP hidden, and your location changed.

As a result, your ISP will not be able to spy on you and know which sites you visit on the Internet, what files you may have downloaded or shared…

Avoid NSA spying

The US government has a reputation for spying on its citizens through certain government entities (the NSA and many others). Even if on paper you have nothing to hide, know that your every move on the Internet is watched, recorded, analyzed, and exploited.

You might as well say that your freedom and respect for your private life are being violated. You don’t have to go through this though. By opting for one of the best VPNs for the US, you will be able to turn the tide and protect your anonymity and privacy much better.

How to access US News blocked sites

Whether you try to access it from your country of residence or from abroad, access to certain content on the Internet can sometimes be restricted or blocked. The solution? A VPN like the excellent VuzeVPN, whose subscription is currently enjoying a huge reduction of -72%.

How to enjoy Internet without restrictions?

YouTube channels, streaming sites, websites… Have you ever been blocked while trying to access a particular content? We are thinking of the entry into force of the new GDPR in 2018, which prompted some American sites to no longer accept inbound European traffic. This is the case with certain media belonging to the Tronc group and others to Lee Enterprises, which are no longer accessible in Europe. This is also the case for some streaming sites, like Crackle (Sony’s platform),, or some American TVs, like ABC, which display an error message meaning that only connections based in the United States are accepted.

However, there is a simple and radical solution to get around this problem: installing a VPN like VuzeVPN. Whether it is for the sake of protecting your privacy online, for the desire to be anonymous on the Internet or quite precisely to bypass the geographic blocking of certain streaming / SVOD content, VPNs (Virtual Private Network) are becoming of more and more used by Internet users.

The principle is simple: when you activate VuzeVPN on your devices, it replaces your current IP address with another, located in another country. Your browsing passes through a secure and encrypted tunnel, which protects your data. No one will have access to it, except you. Not even VuzeVPN: the proof is through our extremely strict no-logs policy. A VPN is convenient at home, at work, or on the go, connected to a public Wi-Fi network: it gives you control over your internet browsing. There are many advantages to using a VPN: here is a complete list that will give you a good idea!

VuzeVPN is on sale for €2.99 per month!

As we have shown you many times, a VuzeVPN subscription allows you to unblock any geo-blocked content online (websites, streaming, sports, YouTube channels, video games, etc.). It is also the best way to protect your browsing data and your banking data if you shop online, especially if you are connected on public Wi-Fi.

  • 1 subscription = 5 devices
  • Applications available for Windows and MacOS
  • Personalized assistance by e-mail
  • Money back guaranteed for 30 days

FAQs on using a VPN in the USA

To show we developed one of the best VPN usable in the United States (and able to pass off as someone actually being in the United States) even more comprehensive, we are going to answer some common questions on the Internet.

Which VPN to choose in order to get an US IP?

If your goal is to have an IP address located in the United States (in order to access certain sites, enjoy exclusive content on a streaming platform), then our recommendation is VuzeVPN. This VPN is certainly one of the best choices for the USA. It will guarantee you excellent speeds, maximum security, and will be able to unblock any censored or geo-restricted site. In addition, you will have access to a large number of locations in the United States which will allow you to easily adapt to certain situations.

What is the best free VPN in the United States?

There is no better free VPN suitable for use in the United States, to be completely honest with you. There are a few solutions that can troubleshoot for a short time, but unfortunately it ends there. A free Virtual Private Network has many drawbacks: low speeds, inability to easily unblock streaming sites and platforms, limitations on your bandwidth consumption, few servers and countries covered, an application often not very intuitive… and much more. For this reason, we recommend that you opt for a paid, but inexpensive VPN instead. VuzeVPN has a large number of servers in the US and is able to secure all your devices.

Is it illegal to use a VPN in the United States?

Absolutely not! Using a VPN in the US is legal. You have every right to protect yourself and to encrypt your Internet traffic. What may be illegal, however, is what you are going to do with this service. We think, for example, of downloading movies and series illegally. We do not recommend doing such a thing, but ultimately the choice is yours.