#1 VPN Proxy Extension for Microsoft Edge

Instant and secure access to any content you want with VuzeVPN Edge Extension

Unlimited and unrestricted VPN service, 24/7.
Fully secured and private. No data stored.
No connections or online activities logs on your Edge browser.
Connect up to 5 devices.
30-days money back guarantee for Premium!
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vuzevpn edge extension

Privacy Protection

VPN Extensions keep your information safe and protect you from tracking on your Microsoft Edge browser.

No Logs Policy

We don't monitor, track or store what you do online. No connections or online activities logs!

Device Performance

The world's fastest secure virtual private network doesn't slow down your system with hidden processes.

VPN Edge Extension Security Features

VuzeVPN Extension for Microsoft Edge brings the exact awesome features of VuzeVPN, so rest assured: it's the best resource for you! Just install. It’s like having a VPN in your browser.

Take it for a spin and you'll see for yourself just how easy it is to stay safe online with our free VuzeVPN Extension for Edge.

VPN Edge Extension Security Features
24/7 Unlimited and unrestricted VPN service
Best VPN Edge Extension to protect you from tracking
Best-in-class security and encryption
No connections or online activities logs!
DNS Leak Protection
Instant "Kill Switch"

Keep your online activities private and anonymous

VuzeVPN is a hassle-free VPN service for your Microsoft Edge browser that helps you protect your connection. VuzeVPN Edge Extension ensures Unlimited VPN access, allowing you to unblock websites, bypass Wi-Fi restrictions, secure Wi-Fi hotspots, and protect network access confidentiality without saving site visit histories.

It can be used anywhere, and the possibilities are endless. You will not encounter any restrictions! Hide your location to unblock websites and anonymously access your favorite news, TV shows, and social networks from anywhere.

Unblock your favorite websites and apps, such as YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, or WhatsApp! Anywhere, at any moment!

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How do I install a VPN Extension for my Edge browser?

Add VuzeVPN extension
Open the Microsoft Edge Store

Go to the VuzeVPN Proxy page in Edge Web Store

Install VuzeVPN for Microsoft Edge
Install the extension

Install VuzeVPN extension for Microsoft Edge

Add VuzeVPN extension
Add VuzeVPN Edge extension

Click Add extension to enable it in your Microsoft Edge browser

Activate VuzeVPN
Activate VuzeVPN

Click the VPN icon in the toolbar, then click Connect

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VuzeVPN Edge Extension in people's eyes

Jake Barnett Vuze is a positive name
in the history of file downloads.
Ralph Perkins Very quick and easy installation.
It was very very easy to use.
Jasmine Schneider This is an exceptional VPN.
Fast, stable and accurate.

Frequently Asked Questions about Edge VPN Extensions

Why should I add a VPN Extension on my Edge Browser?

Users can simply add some clever additions or services that increase the functioning of their default browser without having to quit using their preferred ones. In this case, extensions only work with Edge.

Are Edge Extensions Safe?

Edge extensions are safe but it’s important to install it from a reputable source with a high trust rating among users. If in doubt, read the company’s privacy policy and check online user ratings.

How do I install VuzeVPN Extension for Microsoft Edge?

Find our extension in Microsoft Web Store and click install. It will add the plugin to your browser automatically. Easy-Peasy!

Does VuzeVPN Edge Extension protect all my online activity for free?

VuzeVPN for Edge only protects your privacy within Microsoft Edge.

Because no browser extension can encrypt internet traffic from other apps on your computer, whatever you do online outside of your Edge browser can still be tracked back to you.

For unlimited online protection, we also recommend that you install our VPN solutions, available for Windows, MacOS and iOS.

Get more information on privacy and security from our experts.